Please help us improve Carpinteria Beach Cottages!

Thank you for staying with us at the Cottages. We are always striving to ensure your comfort and happiness.

With the new month-long rental model we would appreciate your feed back on items that you think need attention. Or items that we can add to improve your stay at Carpinteria Beach Cottages.

Please take a moment to fill out and submit the survey below. Note “NA” in fields where you have no comment.

Thank you greatly,
Thom and family + Lisa

Pots and pans, appliances, utensils… what can we add to make your stay better?
Do you need more lights in the bedroom or elsewhere in the cottage?
Is the bed comfortable? How about a larger dresser? Is this needed? Any other notes about the bedroom is welcome.
Is the couch comfortable. TV large enough or is something more needed. How about the Internet? Is WiFi working to your satisfaction?
Are the bicycles useable? Are they always available when you need them? Is the porch seat adequate? How about the BBQ?
Is the property up to your standard of cleanliness? Is the landscaping pleasing? How about the cottage? Was is clean at check in? Any other suggestions to make the property better?

“Lisa, the property manager, helped us feel welcomed and very at home after a long drive from snow country. We needed the break and the feel of the beach vibe. Rode the cruiser bicycles. Cooked in the super cool retro kitchen. Read novels on the front porch. And enjoyed long walks on the beach. Highly recommend for any reason and any season!” – Josh & Mary Beth Wilds, Montana